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ITerum Energy is an alternative energy company: We engineer, manufacture, own, operate, and manage, renewable energy solutions, projects, and assets. Our strategy is to achieve long-term capital appreciation and short-term dividend distributions for our investors through developing and managing SPV projects and selling systems based on technology engineered by ITerum.

We focus on the highest rewarding opportunities in the energy from renewable sources marketplace. We deploy our proprietary Power Production Module via our Resources, Storage, Conversion, Utilities - RSCU™ system to create energy and electricity from waste heat and all renewable heat sources.

ITerum has developed relationships with world-class companies with proven and state-of-the-art technologies that capture, store, convert, and deliver energy. ITerum combines the strengths of our partners with our proprietary technologies to provide the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy systems available.

ITerum Energy improves the utilization of existing energy sources, reduces operating costs, reduces carbon emissions, and provides significant revenue streams for customers.

ITerum Energy is positioned to become a leader in the renewable energy industry, competing on par with traditional fossil fuels without subsidization.

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