“A Green Energy Investment Opportunity With ITerum Energy Company”

A Ground-Floor Opportunity In The Waste-To-Power Industry, Potentially Worth $25.7 Billion By 2026

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Executive Summary

Thousands of commercial facilities in various industries around the world are generating massive amounts of heat that’s being wasted as it escapes into the atmosphere. 

ITerum Energy has developed waste-to-power (or waste-to-energy) technology that captures this waste heat and turns it into clean electricity.

This technology doesn’t require any additional energy to operate. No additional fuel or resources are required other than the waste heat.

For a limited time, the share price is low and affordable on any budget. Now’s the time to invest in clean green energy!

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What’s The Challenge?

Nearly three-quarters of all energy produced by humanity is squandered as waste heat.

Fossil fuels are significant contributors to waste heat pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, which have led to negative environmental concerns such as global warming and weather changes.

Even many of the common eco-friendly sustainable energy platforms emit waste heat.

The ITerum Solution

ITerum plans to manufacture and market modular power generation systems to convert waste heat and greenhouse gas emissions into low-cost, clean electric power at approximately 40% less cost than current competitors.

It’s important to note that our solution doesn’t require any additional energy to operate. No additional fuel or resources are required besides the waste heat. The system is completely self-contained.

A few examples of waste heat producers capable of interfacing with ITerum technology are:

  • Industrial processes
  • Landfills
  • Geothermal
  • Waste incineration
  • Agricultural waste
  • Biomass
  • Diesel power generation
  • Solar thermal



Where Are You In The Development Process?

The technology development is complete. The plans and blueprints are approved. We’re ready to begin manufacturing immediately.

How Will ITerum Make A Profit, So I See A Return On My Investment?

We plan to construct complete production units ready for onsite installation. We’ll use these as part of our marketing and presentation to potential clients, signing installation contracts with as many new clients as possible as quickly as possible.

The plan is to scale from our first placements to more and more installations in facilities all around the world. As the company’s value grows, your investment can potentially grow.

Why Will Companies Buy Your Waste-Heat System?

There are three important reasons companies will want to purchase and install our technology.

  1. It can potentially save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually on their electricity bill since they’ll be producing their own electricity.
  2. There are many government subsidies and incentives available to companies who use ITerum’s technology, saving them even more money. (The types and dollar amounts of incentives and subsidies are dependent on the type of company and industry.)
  3. In some cases, a company may create more electricity than they need and can sell the excess back to the grid.

5 Good Reasons To Invest Today!

  1. With many governments pushing hard to move us away from our dependence on fossil fuels, there’s never been a better time to invest in alternative green energy.
  2. The global waste-to-power market is vast and rapidly expanding. It’s projected to climb to $25.7 billion in 2026E (from $13.4 billion in 2021). So the opportunity for growth and profit is substantial.
  3. ITerum’s solution is approximately 40% less expensive than current waste-to-power systems and produces approximately three times as much electricity. As a result, ITerum is positioned to quickly become one of the leaders in waste-to-power systems.
  4. An experienced management team leads ITerum Energy with a successful track record of building and managing energy, industrial manufacturing, and technology companies.
  5. The current share price is affordably low and this round of investment is limited. Once that limit is reached, this particular opportunity won’t be available again.

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